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Working Together to Build Your Best Life

Understanding and navigating ADHD, Defining Healthy Boundaries, Trauma, and Complex PTSD for Individuals, Students, Couples, and Indigenous People.
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If you need help with...


Adult ADHD

You're seeking to navigate the complexities of adult ADHD with personalized support, aiming to integrate ADHD into your sense of self and enhance your life with tailored strategies and a wealth of resources designed to help you thrive.


You're seeking to transform your relationship through improved communication, with sessions designed to foster kindness, empathy, and effective interaction, breaking negative patterns and nurturing a deeper connection between you and your partner.

Healthy Boundaries

You're looking to navigate and establish healthy boundaries in your relationships, with personalized guidance on setting, enforcing, and maintaining boundaries that honor your space and dignity, fostering self respect and understanding.

Complex PTSD/Trauma

You're seeking to heal from the effects of complex trauma, offering a compassionate space for personal and community healing, focusing on reconnecting with your sense of self, and/or cultural identity.

Embracing Identity and Thriving

You are keen to embrace your identity, including your ADHD entirely, and are eager to learn strategies that enable you to thrive, not just survive. This includes successfully navigating complex relationships and professional environments and achieving personal goals.

People we serve

Book a consultation today to see how I can help in the following areas of expertise;
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Nurture personal growth, mental resilience, and stronger relationships in a secure, personalized setting.
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Enhance communication, strengthen bonds, and resolve conflicts in a collaborative, nurturing space.
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Offers emotional support, coping strategies, and personal development in an understanding environment.
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Provides culturally-sensitive support, healing, and empowerment in a respectful, understanding space.

1-On-1 therapy to meet your unique needs

Virtual Therapy

Personalized virtual therapy one-on-one, all from the comfort of your own home.

In-Person Therapy at Embodied Resilience

Serving London, Kitchener, Hamilton and surrounding communities with personalized face-to-face therapy.

How it works

Ready to get started?


How it works

Ready to get started?

In our first session, I'll ask what brings you to therapy and explore your life's broader context. As we talk, deeper issues often emerge, shifting our focus.
Therapy is a journey; some clients resolve initial concerns quickly, while others uncover new areas to explore. The direction of our sessions will evolve uniquely to meet your needs and discoveries along the way.

Latest Wellness News

Stay informed, inspired, and engaged with articles that delve into ADHD research, personal stories, strategies, and tips for adults with ADHD.
April 29, 2024

Navigating Motherhood with ADHD

The journey of motherhood is challenging, complex, and rich with emotion, especially for those living with ADHD. The stigma associated with ADHD often intersects with a unique form of misogyny, particularly aimed at mothers. This blend of prejudice can increase the risk of self-stigmatization as mothers with ADHD may internalize harmful stereotypes and beliefs. ADHD […]
April 19, 2024

Think You Might Be Neurodiverse?
Discover How to Get Assessed in Ontario!

Introduction Have you ever felt like your brain’s wiring is a bit different from others? Maybe you’ve noticed you process information, react to emotions, or handle tasks differently from your family, friends, people at work or school. If these thoughts resonate with you, you might be part of the wonderfully diverse group known as neurodiverse […]
April 11, 2024

Redefine your boundaries:
The over 40 Women’s guide to saying no!

Embracing Boundaries After 40 Welcome to a candid conversation about boundaries, tailored for the vibrant lives of women over 40. As we journey through life’s chapters, the significance of boundaries becomes increasingly apparent. These invisible lines that guard our personal space and principles are vital for navigating the complexities of relationships and commitments with grace […]

Some of Our Presentations

CBT for Children & Adolescents – Thoughts, Feelings, & Behaviors: Is it really that simple?
Advanced Skills for the Trauma-Informed Therapist
"Surviving the Teenage Years" (3-part series)
"Oppositional, Defiant, and Disruptive Children & Adolescents"
Child Abuse, Development, & Teenage Sex: Everything You Need to Know
Trauma Focused Compassionate Classrooms

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