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About Embodied Resilience

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Welcome to
Embodied Resilience

Who We Are - How We Got Here

After Robert Simms got diagnosed with ADHD as a 37 year old he finally realized that traditional work settings had never matched his unique skills and insights and he, eventually (after much “encouraging” from his wife), founded Embodied Resilience. This practice began as a personal mission to create a space where empowerment and understanding flourish. It's beginnings are rooted in his journey of discovery, exploration and risk taking, working to illuminate paths for both himself and others, toward embracing life's full spectrum, so you can better learn to understand yourself and how you interact with the world. To help you learn to navigate the world on your own terms, instead of how you think you’re “supposed” to.

As Embodied Resilience has grown, "I" has naturally transitioned to "we," reflecting the collective commitment of our practitioners to fostering resilience, authenticity and discovery among those we serve. Together, we're dedicated to guiding you in uncovering and celebrating the most authentic and rewarding aspects of your life, embracing both its challenges and triumphs.


My values are rooted in the belief of the inherent dignity and worth of every single individual. I believe that we all deserve to be treated with kindness, compassion, respect and dignity, regardless of where we are in our journey. I believe that everyone is connected, both to the people around us, as well as the world around us. We exist in reciprocal relationships.

Our Vision

Our practice focuses on 4 distinct areas: navigating the journey of adult-diagnosed ADHD, fostering healthier communication between couples, unraveling the complexities of people-pleasing to establish firm boundaries, and addressing Indigenous issues alongside the intricate challenges of complex PTSD. What sets our clinic apart from others is that all of our practitioner’s have lived experience in the area of service that they are providing. 

We understand what you are experiencing BECAUSE we have experienced it ourselves, and are still living/dealing with it. This practice was started and has grown on the idea of authenticity, transparency and connection. These values are the bedrock of our practice and the guiding principles in our interactions with you. We invite you to join us on this journey of growth and self-discovery, as we collectively strive towards realizing the fullest potential of our lives. Let's all work together towards building our best life.

I See You, I Get You Because I've Been You...

In my private practice, I work with adults diagnosed with ADHD later in life who are struggling to understand the multifaceted impact of ADHD on their lives. My goal is to help you feel more in control of your life and decisions, navigating through the overwhelm with tailored strategies that suit your unique situation.

Embodied Resilience: My Vision

Reaching a point where conventional work environments no longer aligned with my abilities and understanding, I was inspired to establish my practice. It represents the culmination of my experiences and is a space where I can empower others. I aim to guide you towards discovering and embracing the best version of your life, with all its complexities and victories.

So that's who I am – Robert Simms, a husband, father, proud Metis, and someone deeply committed to making a difference, particularly for those whose experiences resonate with my own.


My goal is to work with you and/or the people in your life to get you to the version of yourself that you want to be. That’s why my motto is Working Together to Build Your Best Life. You are the expert in your life, my job is to provide some light along the path and help you explore where you want to go.

Meet Our Team

Robert Simms
Clinical Director/Social Worker
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Caitlin Black
Registered Psychotherapist
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Haley Tchorz
Student Intern
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